Studio 80



Listen to Studio 80 Radio here!

Before Studio 80 opened her doors 9 years ago, Dutch national radio station VPRO broadcasted their shows in the same location. This is one of the reasons Studio 80′s sound is so crisp and clear: the venue is literally build as a box inside a box. Although it’s not being used as a traditional radio station these days, Studio 80 has given it a new life as a platform for young radio producers and DJ’s, making it the centrepiece of the club: Studio 80 Radio.

Because the equipment has aged since the beginning of Studio 80, it’s time for a long due clean-up. Behind the scenes we’re upgrading the setup and making sure everything is up and running before we start with a new series of radio shows, that will be an extension of our musical vision. In any case, we’ll reward your patience with a lot of great new music soon.